SUNDAY. hi hello and Happy Sunday to you all! well it's been a busy week but it's now one week closer to March (my birthday) so things couldn't be better. This weekend has consisted of catching up with my sister (she's home from uni just now), trying out a new restaurant, a visit to the wonderful J to get my hair cut (will share some photos soon but keep an eye out on my instagram) and drinking endless cups of tea.

Last week my mum and i went on a little drive in search of a little cafe to whirl some time away over a cup or two. The little, quaint Victorian designed tearoom in Bieldside caught our eye. The beautifully decorated tearoom not only offers tea and sweet treats but a selection of gifts too. I've already spied a few gift ideas. We opted for classic English breakfast tea which comes in a large ornate teapot followed by two cupcakes to share - marshmallow and raspberry ripple. The marshmallow one was definitely my favourite and almost mimicked the Hummingbird bakery offering. All in all, certainly worth a visit if you have an hour or so to spare one weekend. Check out their website here.

I also thought i would fill you in on a wonderful surprise. I won the "Year i make it happen" campaign from What Olivia Did. Can't wait to start using my iPad air! Oh and lastly in case you are wondering my boots are from Dune and can be found here (which also happens to be in the sale just now!)


  1. Lovely photos :)

  2. Nice pics, and nice place, thanks for sharing ur afternoon with us! :)
    Sigue así guapa!

  3. You can't beat a good cup of tea and a nice slice of cake...I know I sound like a granny but I don't care!!

  4. Oh wow, you won an ipad air!!! Awesome, you lucky lady! You pictures are lovely by the way

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  5. Ooh I love little cafes like this! Lately, I have also been loving the floral, vintage teacups with matching spoons/saucers - SO cute!
    Lovely pictures :)

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  6. Yum looks amazing!!:) Great photos!

  7. what a yummy post! :D

  8. I love fine china in floral print! Great photos, and congratulations on winning the iPad Air! B is in a contest at work to try and win one in return for the most monthly sales :)

    xo, K

  9. great post! lucky you for winning too!

    from helen at

    ps. you can win nearly £150 of high-end skincare on my blog, if you fancy entering! click here.

  10. That cafe looks amazing. I love drinking tea in super cute china. Makes the tea taste so much better!!

  11. That afternoon tea looks absolutely adorable. I am in love with the cutlery!!!!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets