MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. A few months back John and I took a trip to St Andrews for some much needed R&R and to celebrate my twenty third birthday. The whole trip was actually a surprise and the only clues i was given was that i needed to pack for a weekend away and that we will be getting on a train! First stop was The Dolls House for a spot of lunch. I opted for a truffle risotto and John lamb agnello which was very tasty! After a stroll round a few winding streets we headed to the Fairmont which as you can imagine did not disappoint! 

The following morning after overindulging at breakfast (pancakes!!) John surprised me with a spa day at the Old Course Hotel (ahhh best news ever right?!) 

JUNE. so after several months of late nights, stressing and the worst headaches i can finally say i'm finished uni and hopefully graduating in July (woo!!). I am hoping to post everyday in June so make sure to check back regularly!!

Photos by Michelle


  1. John is the perfect boyfriend. Period! Thats all I can say.
    On the same note, I have never been to St Andrews even though Aberdeen (where I am currently staying is so close)-hope my bf reads this one day!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely time & what a surprise! It looks like a beautiful place. Also, congratulations on getting through uni! Good luck with results :)

    Yasmeen x

  3. My old uni town - I know it well!!

    I went to the Fairmont once for their spa which was incred!! And same was the Old Course Hotel too. - Very lucky to enjoy it all x

  4. Can't beat wine and chocolate dipped fruit!