DECEMBER. so the countdown to Christmas has begun girls (and perhaps the odd boy)...

A few days ago Caroline from coffeeandcaroline kindly nominated me to do a Christmas tag post and i'm delighted to take part!

Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic? 
Without any question of doubt...a real Christmas tree! I love going to select the tree, the smell and choosing a colour scheme with my mamma to decorate it

You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick up?
I must admit i'm not a massive festive coffee drinker...if i had to pick i would opt for a salted caramel latte but normally choose a chai latte 
What's your favorite color scheme for decorating the tree?
Having visited several German Christmas markets i've collected several beautiful and unique decorations. Normally black, red and gold colour theme though

Giving or receiving? 
Definitely giving - i love selecting gifts for friends and seeing their reactions as they unwrap their gifts. Christmas Gift Guide to follow this week if you're looking for some sweet ideas

To mince pie or not to?
I'm afraid i've never been a fan of mince pies

What's your traditional Christmas lunch?
Turkey and all the trimmings mmm

Christmas day fashion
I'm usually in my PJs for most of the day, but once we go out I usually wear black leggings, black booties, and a pretty shirt/sweater. 

What's your favourite Christmas song?
Last Christmas - Wham! 

What's your favourite Christmas film?
The Holiday, Love Actually and Elf

Open presents before or after lunch?
For as long as i can remember Christmas morning has been spent with my family opening our presents together, sipping on bucks fizz and singing along to some Christmas songs.


  1. Mmm, a salted caramel latte sounds delicious. I'm so excited for Christmas!

    xo, Liz

  2. Lovely post and photo! it was really nice to know more about you! You should post a photo of your Christmas tree once it's decorated. I bet it will look lovely with all the decorations you collected. Have a great day :)

  3. We've never had a real chrstmas tree before, but we've always wanted to have one

  4. I love these tag, so cute, gets me really in the mood for Christmas! I can't wait to hit the Christmas markets, I'm going on a cruise to Amsterdam and Copenhagen mid December, can't wait!!
    Ineffable Beauty

  5. Nice post!

  6. Love it!

  7. I watched Love Actually today, love the Christmas atmosphere!

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  8. Lovely post Michelle, definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas! Thank you so much for tagging me, definitely want to do this so hopefully I'll find some time through coursework to get it done!! :D xoxox

  9. such a nice post ! love it !! would you like to follow each other dear :) xx

  10. thanks for checking out my blog...
    you have a lovely blog indeed..

  11. Oooh how can you not love mince pies!
    Your blog is gorgeous, love this photo. Would love if you'd have a lil look at mine too x

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  13. so beautiful photo!!! nice answers! :*

  14. Beautiful picture and post! We used to get real xmas trees, but now, we have a fake on ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I love yours.