COAT: River Island £60 KNITWEAR: Matchesfashion £285 HEADPHONES: Net-A-Porter £130 SATCHEL: £1,505 J BRAND JEANS: Net-A-Porter £240 CLUTCH: Whistles £60 IPAD MINI SLEEVE: Michael Kors £60 BOOTS: Miu Miu £sold out RING: Pandora £99 FRAMES: Farfetch £305

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Part One. Whether it's a city break or a weekend getaway it's always nice to plan your trip in advance. This doesn't need to be weeks in advance but allow yourself a few days to get your head around things. Personally, about three or four days is about right. 

A little careful planning goes a long way. As you will be aware, travelling can be stressful so why not read these simple tips to keep you calm and organised?

1. SATCHEL // Choose a bag which allows you to grab your things easily and is large enough to hold all of your belongings (including that jumper or scarf which you may need to take off)

2. CLUTCH // A place to hold all your tickets, important documents and passports in. The clutch will be easy to see and grab in your bag and will avoid any uncertainty as to where your tickets are. 

3. IPAD // Whether it's an iPad, Kindle or Nexus i can guarantee this will be your best travel companion yet. Choose a sleek case to carry it in and remember to download any apps, games or films in advance while you have wifi.

4. HEADPHONES // The perfect accompaniment to 3. Check out FRENDS website here for stylish alternatives to the ones listed above. These can be easily placed around your neck or if they need to be put away, easily retrieved in your bag without getting tangled like regular earphones. 

5. KNITWEAR // It can often get chilly on a flight so make sure you wear something practical. If a jumper is not for you, take a scarf in your satchel for when the temperature drops.

6. BOOTS // At this time of year boots seem like the most practical footwear but converses would work too. Just avoid shoes with several laces or buckles - this will hold you up at security and cause unnecessary stress.

7. 4 DAYS BEFORE // Look out luggage (check with your airline that your case fits within the required dimensions) // Check the weather forecast and begin to think about the type of outfits you will need // Do any washing

8. 3 DAYS BEFORE // Decide what to wear throughout your trip. Opt for classic pieces which would work with a few outfits. As it's winter, think layers, layers, layers. 

9. 2 DAYS BEFORE // Print off boarding passes, insurance docs and look out passport // Load Fairfx card with money // Pick up travel money (small denominations) // Create a holiday playlist // Download any apps or films // Book a taxi to take you to airport or train station

10. 1 DAY BEFORE // Organise all things beauty (part two will look at this) // Pack carefully, using minimal want space for all that shopping you are going to do afterall // Clear out fridge (you don't want to return to mouldy food) // Take a bath 

11. DEPARTURE DAY // Have breakfast and pack the last beauty items away // Turn off electrical devices // Take out bins // TAXI TIME!!

Well what do you think? Need to start planning my next trip...

Styling by Michelle


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  4. I'm crazily OTT when it comes to holiday planning, I start getting things ready weeks before so I seem to forever have a half-empty suitcase or two lying around preparing for something, ridiculous! I love the items you've picked, especially the jumper- the grey colouring at the top is lovely. Just to let you know- I tried to click your bloglovin link but it just takes you to the image, not to bloglovin- don't want people to miss out finding you! xx

    1. hello, thanks for your sweet comment and for letting me know about the link :)

  5. I love that clutch! I have a clutch that carries everything when we travel, as you say, passports, tickets and travel money. I have wipes, tissues and things like that too :)
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  6. What a chic look! I love the boots! <3

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  14. Great tips! I usually pack in the last minute but have outfits in mind so kind of know what I want to take. I also need my Kindle and iPad with me. :)

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