After months of deciding what direction to take with this blog/creative space i'm finally back with some fresh, new and exciting ideas and can't wait to share them with you all! As Summer approaches (you wouldn't know with the weather currently in Scotland) i thought it was a good time to reevaluate what you, the readers, actually liked reading about. With this in mind, i thought i would continue with the travel and style/interior inspiration posts, as they have been the most popular since this blog began but also incorporate some wellbeing and health tips. I was thinking some recipes, tips to live clutter free (i'm probably one of the tidiest people you'll meet and just writing this i can hear my mum laugh as she knows i can easily share a tip or two in this area!), favourite reads for a positivie mindset...that sort of thing...what do you think? I've spoken to several people over last couple of months, whether it be friends, friends of friends or people i've never met before, who say oh, i read your blog! I'm proud of what i've created and want to continue to inspire you all so please don't hesitate to share what you would like to read about.


  1. Travel, food and interiors are always great; in fact everything you've said sounds pretty good to me! I'm trying to give my blog a kick in the right direction too at the moment but definitely haven't got anything as focused as you :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

  2. Can't wait to read more of your posts! Glad you decided to come back to blogging!

    Aimee x