This healthy chili bowl is a good mid week option as any leftovers can be used for lunches over the next couple of days. An easy one pan option for cold nights too. Makes 4-6 bowls


2 onions
3 carrots
1 large red pepper
6 tomatoes
3-4 garlic cloves
4 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp chili flakes
1 can kidney beans
250g puy lentils
4 tbsp tomato puree
800 ml passata
1 tbsp fresh coriander
salt and pepper

| optional extras |

fresh chili for additional spice
top with avocado to serve

Chop the vegetables into small chunks. Add the onion, garlic, carrots and coconut oil to the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Chop the pepper into small chunks and measure out your spices. Add to the pan and cook on a medium heat for 15 minutes or until the carrots begin to soften. Chop the tomatoes roughly into chunks and add to the pan along with the passata and simmer for 20-25 minutes. Drain and rinse kidney beans. Add kidney beans and puy lentils to the pan and cook on a medium to high heat for 5 minutes. Simmer for a further 5-10 minutes. Add water to the pan if the chilli starts to dry out. Before serving add some fresh coriander and salt and pepper to taste. Once cooled, transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate or freeze to enjoy at a later date.

Hope you all have a wonderful day x

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  1. Looks so tasty! :-)

  2. Looks delicious!
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  3. I love finding new vegan recipes that aren't a copy of the basic vegan foods! Thanks for sharing

  4. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

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